November 24, 2012

DIY Felt String-Tie Envelope Advent Calendar

I'm continuing the grey & white colour scheme with this DIY Advent calendar made out of felt string-tie envelopes. It's an easy, but a little time-consuming project seeing that you will have to make 24 envelopes! I used this template on white acrylic felt and fabric glue to close the seems. This is much quicker than hand-stitching, but you can do that too if you have the time (and patience).

After cutting up and glueing 24 envelopes, I drew the numbers on grey felt using wooden numbers as a template. Then I cut them up and glued at the back of each envelope. Finally I cut 2 x 24 round discs out of grey felt and attached two on each envelope with silver brads and cotton string.

These envelopes are a perfect size for little Advent gifts like wooden Christmas decorations, lollies, and cute messages or pictures. I used white wooden pegs to hold the envelopes on a cotton string.

Hope you have a lovely (crafty) weekend!