June 12, 2011

Greetings from South Australia - Part 1

 Hello from South Australia!
We have really enjoyed our trip so far and have fully embraced the South Australian produce – the olives, olive oils, wines, cheeses and the seasonal fruit and vegetables have all been superior quality. It’s been so interesting to see the sort of community spirit that prevails around the small country towns and our visit to the famous Barossa Valley farmer’s markets was truly a wonderful experience. Despite the cool winter weather, the atmosphere at the markets was warm and welcoming and the locals and visitors alike clearly knew their local produce was well worth the trip to the weekly markets.

South Australia is famous for its wines and we found the most atmospheric and characteristic wineries tucked in the small towns. Everywhere you go you see endless rows of vineyards – all at this time of the year quite unattractively lifeless, however. I find it incredibly fascinating to meet so many people who are passionate about their produce and want to keep the artisan traditions alive.  I am more than happy to support these small stall holders and businesses.

Personally I have also enjoyed visiting the numerous antique shops scattered around the country towns. I have always been passionate about vintage items and I find it extremely fascinating to browse these shops and buy curiosities I couldn’t find in Sydney. It is also always such a pleasure to get to talk to the shop owners, especially those who have been in the business for decades. Their knowledge is just so admirable and they always have such interesting stories to share. Needless to say I am bringing back a lot of items I’ve sourced from the country towns we’ve visited so far.

We will continue our trip tomorrow, but I wanted to share some of the scenery and things we’ve experienced so far.  More photos to follow when we are back in Sydney!