recipe index (FIN)

All recipes from August 2009 until mid March 2010 are in Finnish.

Cakes and Sweet Desserts

Greek honey yoghurt cheese
Fig cookies
Greek sesame rings
Valentine's Day Buns
Tofu cheesecake with berries
Baklava Figs
Peach upside down cake
Plum & chocolate clafoutis
Coconut & Passionfruit Pudding
Open faced fig tart
Coconut pannacotta with lime & raspberry sauce
Apple & fig jam
Raspberry jam cookies
Rhubarb compote yoghurt ice
Rosy marengues
Lemon curd
Orange Chocolate
Chocolate Kahlua Truffles
Home made granola
Date cake
Chocolate & prune filo pastries
Princess Torte
Oven baked apple with sweet nut sauce
Healthy Carrot Cake
Rhubarb Crumble
Rosewater & apricot ice cream
Chocolate Mango Swiss Roll
Butterfly biscuits
Rhubarb muffins with vanilla sauce
Easy lemon bake
Black sesame ice cream
Chocolate beetroot brownies
Japanese tofucheesecake
Apricot mousse
Chocolate cinnamon muffins
Pineapple & coconut muffins
Finnish pancake
Banana Bread
Sacher torte
Finnish cinnamon roll (Pulla)

Savoury Baking

Salmon and Leek Quiche
Feta and sun dried tomato scones
Rye and cumin seed sticks
Lunch baguette with herbs
Potato flat bread
Finnish Christmas Bread
Choux pastry with savoury filling
Beetroot muffins
Quiche Lorraine
Karelian pies
Soft cheese horns

Fish and Seafood

Salmon and noodle stir fry
Dukkah crusted salmon
Crispy skinned salmon with creamy almond sauce
Crispy sardines with halloumi
Parmesan crusted salmon
Oven baked salmon with salsa verde and lemon potatoes
Dijon & Herb crusted salmon
Prosciuttosalmon with herbed tomatoes and pesto potatoes
Cranberry crusted salmon
Fish mascarpone bake
Tuna steak
Salmon salad
Rye bread canape with home made gravlax
Salmon with creamy lemon sauce
Coconut prawns
Salmon in filo pastry
Quick Seafood Pasta
Salmon Japanese way
Salmon with Mirin marinade
Seafood tempura
Herb crusted salmon
Moroccan Fish Stew
Japanese miso mackerel


Light potato salad
Pesto, eggplant & artichoke pizza
Marinated mushrooms
Carrot casserole
Yellow Squash
Pomegranate salad
Fresh fig and feta salad
Beetroot salad
Sweet potato salad
Halloumi wrapped in vine leaves
Quick Dolmades
Mushroom, pesto and goat cheese sandwiches
Spicy sweet potato
Spicy beetroot salad
Soy patties
Japanese tofu salad & nasu dengaku
Leek and potato soup
Mushroompesto filo bags
Zucchini flowers with ricotta filling
Stuffed mushrooms
Green soup
Super healthy pawpaw salad
Spinach ricotta quiche
Finnish Swede Casserole
Halloumi salad
Spinach souffle
Soupe a l`oignon
Vegetable casserole
Japanese stuffed pumpkin
Green tea noodles with chilli tofu
Cabbage pie and pea soup
Somen noodles and grilled tofu with chilli sauce
Japanese summer noodles
Blue cheese and pear salad
Agedashi tofu
Oven baked eggs with spinach and parmesan
Japanese side dishes - konnyaku
Carrot & spinach pancakes
Beetroot chips
Spinach soup
Indian soy kofta