February 27, 2018

Renovation update (or lack of)

As it turns out, renovations take a lot longer in planning than what I had anticipated. I am the first to admit that patience is not my virtue, but to my credit, I have been waiting for YEARS to get these renovations done. 

We will first get the floors done, but even that has been a lot more difficult than I expected. Turns out we have timber floorboards (well, I knew this) that might not be easy to remove (this I didn't know). I have had a couple of attempts to get them sanded and stained, but haven't been too happy with the results. So laminate it is and hopefully we can get them in without too much trouble (touch wood, pun not intended). We are going with a lot lighter boards (the reason I am changing the floors in the first place) and hopefully can get them done before Easter! 

Longer term plan is to create an extra room at the attic (which in the above photo is on your left) and place a permanent staircase where the dining table currently lives. Weather it is structurally possible and how much it would actually cost, will remain to be seen. 

Stay tuned for more updates and in the mean while, lets take a moment to appreciate the size of that Woodnotes basket. It fits magazines, blankets, toys, a four year old girl, just about anything. Like their ingenious beach bags, these baskets are also made from paper yarn. They are super durable and I just love the look of them. 

(Yes, the basket was sent to me as a gift (thank you Woodnotes!), but as always, all opinions are my own.)

February 23, 2018


It's been a busy week, so this morning we packed up our bag and headed to the beach. It was so lovely just to relax a bit! 

My new go-to bag, weather for the beach or a weekend away is this one from Woodnotes. The bag is made in Finland, from 100% paper yarn. Woodnotes were the first to use paper yarn in a contemporary way like this, and in functional textiles (like bags and baskets). 

I absolutely love this bag; it is super generous in size, which is exactly the way I like it. It is ideal for the beach, the sand doesn't get stuck on the bag and is easy to clean up. 

Hope you have a lovely weekend ahead!

This bag was sent to me as a gift from Woodnotes. All opinions are my own.

February 12, 2018

Outdoor update

We have a spacious balcony (for an apartment) that doesn't always get the attention it deserves. I love having pot plants there, even though we have a very green scenery to look at as well. When we had family over at Christmas I bought a new sofa (this one from IKEA) and added an outdoor rug (also from IKEA) to give the space a bit more "sophisticated" look.

I am pretty happy with the outcome and we are spending a lot more time here enjoying the last days of summer. Hope you are having a great start to the new week!

February 07, 2018

New from Skandinavisk

It is the little things in life that sometimes make the biggest difference. Like a nice cup of coffee, a stack of magazines (or beautiful catalogues like in my case) and the best hand cream. I have loved the candles from Skandinavisk for quite a while now and was so excited to try their new hand care range*. They not only work wonders and smell amazing, the packaging is as impeccable as it is for their candles. I love the minimal design and their neutral colour scheme.  

* These products were sent to me as a gift with no strings attached. All opinions are my own.