January 14, 2018

Kid-friendly interior decorating

It can be hard adjusting your decor (as well as literally everything else) for kids, but it doesn't mean your whole house will have to turn into a playground. Our daughter is turning four in a couple of weeks and even though we might be over the worst "exploring" stages, there are still certain things I will have to be mindful of when decorating. 

Here are a few things I did and didn't do to adjust our interiors when she was born. I never got rid of rugs, even the one under our dining table. We sit down to eat with our daughter and clean up any mess she might make immediately. Our sofa has removable and washable covers, which has been helpful, but we also don't let her eat while sitting on the sofa (not just for the mess, but for general manners). We keep her toys in the cupboard or in baskets and clean them up together after play time. Limiting the amount of toys in the first place will help keep the mess to a minimum! She also has her own little craft table for "messy play", like painting. 

The only sharp corners we ever had to protect were those around the kitchen island, and even then she quickly learned to avoid running around that area. We didn't need baby gates, as there are no stairs in our home. I learned that investing in high quality pieces (such as sturdy chairs and furniture that might fall over) has actually been helpful. Often I hear other parents mention that they don't want to buy anything too expensive while the kids are young, but our daughter uses the Eames wire table everyday and it doesn't have a single dent on it. We have Artek bar stools in the kitchen and she can climb on them without me having to worry they aren't stable enough to support her.

I never used to put anything away, like glass or porcelain pieces, even when our daughter was starting to walk around and grab things. Obviously I can't speak for all the kids (especially when I only have one), but teaching them from a young age to differentiate between what is and isn't a toy can help. 

The things I am still mindful of, however, are the obvious things like leaving burning candles around (again, teaching them very early on can be helpful!), but those are the things I'd be mindful of even if I didn't have a child. All in all I don't feel like I've had to sacrifice anything in our home because of our daughter and at the same time we haven't had to limit her play or development in any way. 

Hope this helps and I'd love to hear how you've adjusted your home for kids! 

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