January 07, 2018

Home Renovations

I have a feeling I've mentioned home renovation dreams a few times before, but we've finally taken some steps towards making our dreams a reality. I have browsed Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration in recent weeks and months, trying to find the perfect flooring for our apartment. 

When we bought this place 6 years ago, we replaced the existing carpets in the bedrooms with matching floorboards that already existed in the living area. I wasn't really happy with the colour of the floorboards, but back then it felt like an easier option that replacing the entire flooring. Now that we are finally replacing the floors in the whole apartment, it feels like a huge responsibility to make the right decision as to what colour we should go with! 

I will forever dream of beech, oak or fir timber floors, but for a few reasons we will go with a much cheaper option, laminate. There are so many options available and it seems like the quality can vary a great deal as well. I am getting quotes and measurements next week and hopefully will get the ball rolling fairly quickly on this. I can't wait to show you the results! 

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