November 14, 2017

Just Flow

It was a beautiful weekend here in Sydney, with warm weather and plenty of sunshine. I managed to get back in to the pool for the first time this season and it felt so amazing. We took my parents to The Basin, north of Sydney for a day at the beach. There's so much wildlife; wallabies, goannas and all kinds of  sea creatures. So many fascinating things for a three year old to explore as well!

We brought food and drinks and set up a picnic on my huge Turkish towel, which is a perfect size for a family gathering or just for yourself to lie on the beach (very) comfortably.

It's days like these when I can just "flow" so easily. Finding alignment (and staying there!) can be so challenging during busy work days, but I'm getting better at knowing what kind of situations set me off more easily.

Hope you're having an inspired week! 

This Turkish towel was sent to me as a gift. All opinions are my own.

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