September 25, 2017

A Day in My Life

I'm a creature of habits and love my daily routines. Having a child shuffled those routines up quite a bit, but we've settled into our new routine quite nicely. Here a glimpse of my typical day, if there ever is such a thing.

Morning Routine

I wake up early before anyone else. I start my day with plenty of water and a cup of coffee. I'll spend the time it takes me to sip my coffee to browse social media, news, blogs, etc.

After my coffee I'll start with my skincare routine. On my days off I'll do just the cleansing and moisturising, but leave make up for later. The days that I'm working I'll do my make up and hair as well. By this time my daughter usually wakes up, so I'll get her started with some breakfast and she will watch a bit of TV while I finish getting ready.

If I'm not working I'll squeeze in a 10 minute yoga/stretching routine and after the little one has finished her breakfast we will head out for a walk and a little playtime for a couple of hours.

Lunch Time

I work part-time and at work my lunch break is usually very short. I'll bring my own lunch, like a salad or soup and plenty of fruit, almonds or other snacks for the day.

My husband works from home, so when I'm at home we usually eat lunch together. I'll have a big salad with chickpeas, tofu or salmon.

After lunch I'll make a cup of dandelion tea and get our daughter down for a nap. She will sleep for a couple of hours which leaves me time to catch up on emails, social media, shopping or housework.


After her nap I'll make her a smoothie with fresh fruit, plain yogurt and manuka honey. We will then head out to play for another couple of hours.

When I'm working I'll drive back home in the afternoon, do a bit of cleaning, take a shower, etc. I'll get my daughter's bath ready, as she often comes back from her play dates sweaty and covered in dust!

We'll have dinner together and watch TV afterwards for a little while. I'll get the little one ready for bed and either stay up a bit longer or head straight to bed myself. Our days are pretty packed with activities, so I'll try to sleep when I can!

I'm aware our "routine" is constantly evolving, as our daughter gets older, starts school, etc. It's nice to know there is a bit of normality in all the chaos and busyness that surrounds us nowadays.

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