September 21, 2017

10 Tips for Productiveness

Whilst I admit I'm not one of those super-busy people who have a thousand things on their plate, I can still feel overwhelmed by the amount of things on my to-do list. My husband claims it's simply because I like to keep myself busy and come up with new ("unnecessary") things, but I disagree. I have a lot of interests and I like challenging myself with new things, that's just how I'm wired.

I've found a few ways to manage my time and feel/be more productive and hopefully some of these tips might be useful for you as well!

1. Settle for less - I want to fit in a yoga session as often as I can, but dedicating an hour (or more!) to go to a yoga class is just not possible. These 10-minute yoga classes are so effective and I can do them any time, in the comfort of my own home. I also try to fit in other exercise wherever I can, parking further away from work so I can walk 10 minutes to/from the office, taking the stairs, walking to the grocery shop, etc.

2. Use commute time to/from work efficiently -  Instead of listening to the radio in the car, I've downloaded podcasts on my phone and use the time I'm driving to learn Japanese. This means two Japanese lessons a day, three days in a row! On weekends, if I'm exercising on my own, I'll also listen to these lessons.

3. Schedule! I love this Weekly Planner from Kikki K. and it has made it so much more fun to plan the week ahead.

4. If you're thinking about it, just get it done - This applies especially for things I'll rather not be doing, like cleaning the bathroom or ironing. Rather than putting it off, I make the effort of just getting it done.

5. Plan ahead - I love making lists; shopping, cleaning, anything. I do one big grocery shop every week plus top up on fresh produce during the week. I'll try to be as efficient as I can when shopping, and it usually means spending less money, too!

6. Combine - Catching up with friends (with or without kids) and doing exercise. Exercising/cleaning/driving and listening to educational podcasts. These are the only times I actually think multitasking can work!

7. Clean space = clear mind - At home I can easily manage a clean work space. I have my laptop and a bottle of water (or a cup of my favourite tea), that's it. At work, our office can get very cluttered and I really struggle with that. If I can't keep the whole office tidy, I simply focus on making my desk clean and tidy, with things that "spark joy".

8. Prioritise - Whilst I want to be able to do everything, I also understand that life isn't what it used to be before we had our daughter. I want to make the most of this time she is still at home, so I'll make sure to include a lot of outdoor play time, story time and other activities with her when I'm not working. She's a great little helper though, so I try thinking of things I need to do, but she can help me with!

9. Find things that work - Simple, right? Ain't nobody got time to constantly touch up on make up that doesn't last, skincare products that simply don't work or clothes that don't fit well. Invest in a timeless capsule wardrobe, good quality skincare and make up and spend less time fixing it all.

10. Look after yourself - Make sure to fit in relaxation time and indulgence as well. At the end of the day, unless you sleep enough and take time to relax your mind and body, things will not run so smoothly. I indulge in long baths when I can, during the week just a short (but warm) shower after work can instantly make me feel more relaxed. I've recently started experimenting with essential oils (more on those later!) and they can also help after a busy day.

Curious to hear how you maximise your time, so get in touch if you're keen!

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