November 15, 2014

DIY Copper Napkin Holders

I've been sucked in to thinking that the silly season is just around the corner and a quick glimpse at my diary tells me that is in fact the case. I love planning different table scape scenarios; textures, colours and all the little details, including napkin holders! I grabbed a stack of copper plant labels from a near-by hardware store, thinking they could make fun gift tags. I might end up using them for that purpose as well, but for now they will serve as super-stylish napkin holders. 

What you need

Copper plant labels (mine are from Bunnings, pack of 10 for $3.23!)
A hole punch (just a regular will do, these labels are thin and soft)

Simply punch a hole on the other end of the label (they already have one hole), loop the label around the napkin and tie up using the copper strings. And you're done! 

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