March 27, 2014


It's been a very warm start to autumn here in Sydney and on most days it still feels like summer. Humidity has been similar to what we usually get in February and that has made days feel even muggier. Hence I gladly accepted an offer to review and taste test Bionade, a refreshing organic soft drink that's been a best seller in Europe for quite some time and is now making its way down under. 

I must admit I was a bit hesitant first and I thought this drink would be way too sweet for my liking. I haven't been able to drink sugary soft drinks for ages and those sweetened artificially don't suit my gut at all. However, I was really pleasantly surprised by Bionade; it is not overly sweet and it also isn't overly carbonated. There are four flavours currently available: Herbs, Orange & Ginger, Lychee and Elderberry, all of them which I really enjoyed, but if I had to pick a favourite it'd probably be Lychee. So glad I have Bionade to get me through these warm and humid autumn days! 

What is Bionade?

  • 100% certified organic in both raw materials and production
  • contains 40-60% less calories and sugar than conventional soft drinks
  • gluten-free and vegan friendly
  • non-alcoholic
  • free of colourants, preservatives and artificial flavours 
  • made in Germany and fermented like German beer, just without alcohol
  • contains water, sugar, malt from barley (2%), carbon acid, calcium and magnesium carbonate

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