January 15, 2014

Getting Organised Part 2

I can't think of a better motivator than a clean work space. I thought I'd show you a glimpse of my own white work space that currently carries some silver accents. I tend to use small cardboard boxes (available at most home ware stores and news agencies) for storing little items at my desk; ribbons, washi tape, stamps, etc. They are inexpensive and easy to change when you get bored of them (try covering them with cute wrapping paper or giving them a washi tape make over). I also find having a simple porcelain tray a gem for keeping things like notebooks and pens or other small accessories you might need handy. 

Whilst I was at it, I also finally organised the book shelves in our living room. As much as I love books, they can be a bit of an eye-sore and I've been wanting to tidy up the shelves for a while now. I went through some empty storage boxes we had at the attic and gave them a cleaner look with some white wrapping paper. I'm really happy with the outcome and the books are still there, just all neatly tucked away. 

I'm gathering some more storage and organising ideas under this Pinterest board

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