January 27, 2014

B & W

I thought I'd share a few recent snapshots from our home. I've slowly replaced a lot of the wooden features and decorations with mostly white ones and recently more and more black has crept in as well. I'm in no means making our home completely black and white, but I do love this combination with grey and wood. We still have a big splash of colour on our living room wall, provided by this Marimekko fabric (stretched over a frame) and although I am constantly keeping an eye out for new fabrics, I'm yet to find one to replace it.


Sewing a new cushion cover is such an easy way to update the look of the sofa; this time I used black and white fabric with little elephants in it. I think it brings a fun detail to our otherwise rather serious interior.

Once again, these shelves are the first to see the change. I made a quick trip to IKEA last week and bought more storage boxes for books, craft items, papers etc. I'm not a big fan of small decoration items, but I rather complete the look with a few simple vases in the same colour scheme.

Even my afternoon tea looks (unintentionally) matchy with the recent colour addiction! A few pieces of licorice with a cup of black tea, this gorgeous magazine and a black notebook on my desk.

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  1. Love the elephant print! Your blog is stunning...so happy I found it. Cheers!


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