December 28, 2013

White NYE Tea Party + A Review

I have to admit, I am notorious for not having any plans for New Year's Eve. There seems to be a reasonable amount of pressure (although less so nowadays) to do something spectacular, along with a special New Year's resolution that will supposedly make you a better person in one way or another. I'm a pretty content person as far as resolutions go, but I think this is still a good time to stop and reflect on the past year and think of ways to improve in the coming year. 

I thought it would be fun to plan a little tea party for New Year's Eve and I decided to go with an all white theme. Somehow, New Year's for me is not so heavily 'season-infused' as Christmas is, but I still subconsciously go for a winter colour palate, rather than a summery one. Little meringues seemed like a lovely sweet thing to have with a perfect cup of tea (this is one of my current favourites). 

Do you make plans for New Year's Eve? Do you make resolutions? 

Recently, I was offered to do a review for an online store called As you may know, I don't normally do reviews or product advertising, but I had been wanting to try out the Cuisinart Programmable Kettle for a while, so I agreed to review it. Please note that this is an honest review, unaffected by the fact that I was given this kettle in return for a review.

My husband and I both enjoy a cup of tea quite regularly and a kettle with different temperature settings felt like a perfect addition to our kitchen gadgets. I am a rather impatient tea maker, so I've often had to cool down my cup of tea with a dash of cold water in order to be able to drink it immediately. With the Cuisinart Programmable Kettle, however, I can choose between six different temperature settings, set the temperature to 75°C (recommended for delicate teas with a short steeping time) and enjoy a perfect cup of tea immediately. For the same reason, we have also found that this setting is great for making a perfect bowl of miso soup! Another great feature is the 'keep warm mode' which means that the kettle automatically maintains the selected temperature for 30 minutes. This is particularly convenient for that much needed second cup of tea.

As a bit of an aesthetic, I also love the sleek and modern look of the Cuisinart kettle. The stainless steel colour is easy to match with other appliances in our kitchen.

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  1. Wow! I like it!

    Merry Christmas, Maria!

  2. Happy New Year! I really love your all white table setting!
    As for resolutions - I haven't had those for many years but today I actually opened a new note in Evernote and wrote down some things I would like to keep in mind during the next year. Let's see if it helps :)


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