December 20, 2013

Christmas Mood Board: Mint & Pink

Instead of the more traditional Christmas colours (see my palettes from last year here and here), I decided to go for something a bit different this year. I was inspired by the white horse I bought as a Christmas ornament, but it reminded me of children's carnivals and along came these colours: mint, pink, grey and white. 

I used white paper as a base for the parcels and added little strips of colourful wrapping paper with string, washi tape and labels. Of course I had to add a few silver bells there too as a reminder of Christmas.

Geisha and Fazermint chocolates are by a well known Finnish manufacturer called Fazer. Although I'm not a huge candy fan (let alone milk chocolate fan), these were a must for Christmas! 

What colours are you using this Christmas? Are you going for the more traditional ones like white and red or experimenting with something different? 

PS. For more inspiration, check out my updated Pinterest boards

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