November 21, 2013

Study Revamp

I'm always moving things around in our home, much to my husband's frustration. I've now taken down my desk in our large study room (his desk is still there) and replaced it with this Normann Copenhagen shelf unit I bought a couple of months ago. After opening my online shop, I needed room for packaging material and some of the stock (most of the stock is still stacked away in cupboards). I also love the visual inspiration open shelves provide; they work much like a mood board for me and I'm always changing things according to whatever inspires me at the moment. 
Packaging material and some stock: wooden butter knives and wooden spoons.

I love the look of pure white candles in a glass jar. I know it's very simple and nothing extraordinary, but to me it's as pretty as any design object. Wooden bread boards and wooden cups are also available on the store.

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