November 04, 2013


My apologies for the unintended blog hiatus; I've been quite busy with work and visiting relatives in recent weeks. Incase you've missed them, here are some snapshots I've posted on Instagram lately.

Since we've had the most amazing spring weather so far, we've taken the opportunity to fire up the barbie a few times. I love simple veggie skewers drizzled with oil and a cob of corn brushed with olive oil and tamari.

I've found a bit of time to do sewing again. Mr Penguin is the first of many in the penguin family I'm planning to make. Pattern and instructions can be found here.

The bunny family is also growing. The smaller one is desperately trying to measure up.

I managed to save two agapanthus buds that were snapped off by the mischief playful cockatoos. They've left the rest of them alone, thankfully!

Last, but not least, I am working on (finally) launching my online store in the coming weeks. 
Stay tuned!

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  1. Those penguins…adorable!

    I hope you have a great week,


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