November 26, 2013

Hot Air Balloons

It often happens that I find a fun little project somewhere (blogs, Pinterest, you name it) and archive it for later. Some projects (time allowing) I try immediately, others I linger for longer and some never get done (or don't work out at all - there are quite a few of those as well). This cute mobile caught my attention and I wanted to give it a go. I didn't even know I like hot air balloons so much! I used thin felt to sew the balloons and added decorations (ribbon, stars and some felt bunting). The original model uses wine and champagne bottle corks for the baskets, but since I didn't have any at hand I decided to weave the baskets myself. It was a little time consuming, but easy. I just used pieces of cardboards and normal twine and attached the baskets in to the balloons. This is a great project for a child's room or just as a colourful decoration for summer. 


  1. I love hot air balloons, they're the cutest! Nice work :-))
    - Frida,


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