November 20, 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas from Pikku-Kota

No, this blog is not turning into an advertisement for my online store Pikku-Kota, but I'm keen to share (at least) one more post including a few items from the store. I've gathered some products below I think could make nice gifts for this Christmas.


Reindeer leather pouch (AUD 44), traditionally known as "a coffee bag", is perfect for carrying little items when travelling.
Wooden spoon (AUD 22), also known as a coffee measure spoon, is a one of a kind gift for all the coffee lovers (or tea lovers!) out there.
Wooden cups (AUD 44) make beautiful serving bowls for your Christmas table, alongside wooden plates (come in two sizes, starting from AUD 7.70).

Reindeer leather iPad case (AUD 176) is a stylish and unique gift.

Reindeer leather pouch with a long strap (AUD 55) fits a smart phone or other small items. Perfect little bag for any occasion.

These slippers are made out of soft reindeer leather. They come in three different sizes (AUD 93.50) and are practical for travel as they take very little space and are very comfortable to wear.

Table brush (AUD 49.50) comes with a tray: a lovely gift for anyone who enjoys spending time in the kitchen. Wooden cup (AUD 44).

Traditional kuksa wooden cup (AUD 33) is functional as well as beautiful. Each kuksa comes with a strap.

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  1. Love the look of that table brush! So cute!


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