October 13, 2013

Blue Mountains Road Trip

As it happens, we don't get out of town very often and our last trip to Blue Mountains (about 2 hours out of Sydney) was more than 7 (!) years ago. With my cousin and her family in town it was a great opportunity to show them around and do a little road trip ourselves as well. It was a stunning day with not a cloud in the sky, cicadas chirping so loud it made our ears ring. What a beautiful part of the world we live in!

Three Sisters

Wentworth Falls

Cicadas everywhere!

 A view from Wentworth Falls

October 02, 2013

A Glimpse Into My Daily Diet

I thought I'd share a little snapshot of my daily diet, although you may have a pretty good idea of it already based on the recipes I've shared here over the years. I can quite happily eat the same foods (mostly plant-based whole foods) every day without ever getting sick of them, so my daily meals usually consist of copious amounts of vegetables served with legumes or whole grains, as well as some nuts, seeds and fruit. Of course there are sometimes exceptions to these daily foods, and those are often the ones that end up here on my blog.

During the cooler months I start my day with a bowl of oat porridge with a tablespoon of chia seeds, but as the weather gets warmer I tend to swap this breakfast to that of a protein smoothie. I drink a green juice most days and snack with raw nuts (mostly almonds and walnuts) and a few pieces of dried (Medjool dates or organic apricots) or fresh fruit.

In winter I love having vegetables soups (like this one) for lunch and/or dinner, but in spring and summer I prefer a big salad made with legumes (chickpeas, lentils, etc.), various types of vegetables (kale, avocado, cucumber, tomato, snow peas, carrots, etc.), scattered with seeds (sunflower or pumpkin) and drizzled with some fresh lemon juice and flaxseed oil. Dinner is often very similar to lunch, but with a different type of protein, often tempeh or a different type of legume or whole grain (quinoa, freekeh, etc.) I do eat eggs occasionally, even a small piece of fish once in a while, but I can happily do without any animal products (including dairy) for long periods of time.

Since I don't have a particularly sweet tooth, dessert is more often than not a piece of fresh fruit or dark chocolate (Loving Earth is one of my favourites), even a glass of home-made almond milk before bed will do.

So there you go, a short glimpse into my daily diet. Please feel free to send through any comments/questions if you have any!

On the photos, left to right: almond milk, protein smoothie, green juice, lentil salad with kale, fresh salad with tempeh and fresh kale salad with chickpeas.