March 21, 2013


It is so true that it's the little things in life that make all the difference. Take this bicycle, for example. I've dreamed of having one for years now. It's been one of the things I really missed from Finland, being able to ride my bike everywhere (even in the snow!). Now I finally have one and I couldn't be happier. I present to you - Amélie.

We went for a ride around the near-by lake.
 We stopped to admire the view and enjoy the sunny weather.

                                                and we looked at the ducks strutting around.



  1. What a nice bike, beautiful!

  2. I just got a bike this week too -- my first since my days living in Sweden. Your baby is a beauty! And, wow, what a gloriously sunny day!
    -Emily K.

  3. what a beauty :) You can't really do that in SP except on Sundays.. when they give some room for biking from the roads :)

  4. She's so pretty! And what a gorgeous landscape you have there. Perfect match.

  5. Too cute hehe.. Hi Amelie!!! Incidentally, Panu also just bought a bike a couple of weeks ago!


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