January 20, 2013

French Toast


Weekends call for a little indulgence and there is no better time for that than summer, when berries and other fruit are abundant. I made us a special lunch of French toast (well, my version of it anyway) served with fresh fruit and cinnamon yoghurt. I soaked the bread well but didn't over do it so it was soft on the inside and crisp on the outside. Berries are perfect as they are not too sweet and using yoghurt instead of cream keeps everything light and fresh. This was a perfect lunch on a stinking hot day!

French Toast*
(serves 2)

2-4 thick slices of day-old sourdough bread
1 egg
200ml full cream milk
1/4 teaspoon pure ground vanilla
a knob of butter

fresh berries or fruit
unsweetened yoghurt
ground cinnamon

* all ingredients are organic, eggs are organic and free-range

1. Whisk egg and milk in a dish, whisk in vanilla.

2. Soak the bread slices (on both sides) in the milk mixture. Heat a knob of butter in a pan until slightly browned. Fry the bread slices on each side until golden.

3. Top with berries and other fruit and dollop with cinnamon spiced yoghurt.


  1. This looks beautiful - might just do this for brunch tomorrow :)

  2. This looks gorgeous! Such light-filled pictures.

  3. I havent made french toast in years and you've just made me crave some now!!

  4. It looks amazing - I really liked the pics and the toppings! Your food photography is awesome.


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