January 08, 2013

A Day Out on the Boat

Hello and sorry for the silence!

Summer has really hit Sydney and we've spent a lot of time outdoors. Last weekend we enjoyed a day out on the boat with my husband's parents and it was as lovely as ever. The sun was out and it is always so relaxing to be on the water. 

Unfortunately I got sick on Sunday and woke up on Monday feeling no better. After seeing a doctor I had to be taken to the emergency room where I spent a few hours on the drip because I was getting very dehydrated. I was diagnosed with sinusitis so it'll take a few days to feel better. Today's forecast of 43C will be a challenge, but I'm planning to stay indoors and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated!

I hope your week has started on a bit more positive note and if you are in Sydney today, stay cool!