December 13, 2012

Makeshift Christmas Tree

This year our makeshift Christmas tree consists of a few branches I've painted white and a changing array of decorations from crocheted amigurumi balls to yarn pom poms, clay snowflakes and stars. I'm keeping the colour scheme white and grey and adding a touch of light wood.


  1. Simply stunning. I love the paired back colour combination.

  2. Love this! Knitted balls and black and white colors - just beautiful! So far from usual red-golden Christams, but defenetely festive! :-)

  3. Love this too! I never have a traditional tree - last year it was a ribbon stuck to the wall in a triangle shape, with buttons to decorate. Another year it was made of newspaper... What to do this year?? Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Wonderful! Love the white.

    I put together a list of "Christmas tree alternatives" given that many of my young readers wouldn't have space or money for a balsam fir!

  5. Your "tree" looks amazing! Simple and beautiful ornaments!WOW i love them!So chic!
    Enjoy your weekend!:)


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