July 22, 2012

A Glimpse of France in Photos

Hi friends,
Hope you are all having a relaxing weekend! As promised, here are some more photos from our honeymoon in France. We saw so many beautiful castles, cathedrals and gardens, but here is just a small glimpse of it all. 

Hope you enjoy!

Still in the beautiful Provence
Spot the daredevils!
Love the colours!
Provencal landscape

Mont Saint-Michel was amazing, definitely worth a visit!
Inside Mont Saint-Michel
Le château de Chenonceau was my favourite. Absolutely beautiful!

Can you tell it was my favourite? Chenonceau.
Surrounded by beautiful gardens
Chenonceau again
More beautiful gardens at Chenonceau
Chambord was definitely big, but not as pretty as Chenonceau
The impressive gardens at Versailles
In the gardens of Versailles

Gloomy day at Louvre
Arc de Triomphe
 Notre Dame
Notre Dame
Au revoir Paris!


  1. Aww, what a beautiful post! I wish you happy and beautiful married life...:)

  2. This is my first comment here, but since you depicted my home country so beautifully, I had to say that I am very happy you enjoyed your trip ! I hope the weather, which is terrible in France this year, spared both of you.

    Like you, I fell in love with Chenonceaux, the castle that gracefully stretches across the river Cher. As it does not belong to the State (Chambord does), its furniture hasn't been dispatched to museums or sold, which adds to its charm, and there is money to look after it. I remember being impressed by the dramatic black room of the widowed Louise de Lorraine.

    I hope you found what you needed food-wise, since France is not renowned for being a vegan-friendly place to live, especially on the go. I love your espadrilles on the pictures :)

    Tous mes voeux de bonheur !

    1. Thank you Helene!

      I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was for me to find vegan food in France! We had a great time there :-)


  3. Loved this post, Chenonceau is my favourite castle and Mont Saint Michel is the dreamiest place ever... I'm very glad you got a great stay here in France.

  4. Maria: first and foremost, wonderful that you seem to be better. Strength may take awhile to return in full. Terrific photos of two of my favourite parts of France, Provence and the Loire Valley: love the Castles like all lucky visitors. And lovely photos of you, especially the Mont St Michel closeup :) ! Thank you :) !

  5. Merci beaucoup for the lovely photos. Dana

  6. Gorgeous photos!! I am so jealous! Nice to see you having such a lovely time :)

  7. Seems like you had a fantastic honeymoon in France! How are you feeling? Hope you are feeling better.

    Oh my these photos are absolutely gorgeous! My favorite is actually your photo of gardens of Versailles!

  8. gorgeous photos, love the one of the avenue of trees

  9. Stunning shots! Seems like the perfect honeymoon spot. Happy honeymoon!!

  10. Gorgeous photos Maria! Bet you wish you were still there. Love your Toms too :)

  11. Hello Maria, your photos from France are beautiful! Like you I'm an expat living in Sydney. I was born in Paris and raised in the South of France. Before relocating to Australia I lived in Morocco, UK and Japan. I've lived in Sydney 3 years and I'm also a healthy living blogger! Nice e-meeting you!

  12. Gorgeous blog, I will be trying some of your recipes soon! Karen


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