June 07, 2012

Meanwhile in Lapland

Wedding is only 2 days away! Truth be told, I never thought things could get quite so hectic, but I suppose it was expected seeing we left a huge chunk of preparations to the last minute. Despite all the running-arounds, appointments, organising and other madness, I've managed to take some time off to enjoy being back in my hometown. 

Whilst I've kept my big and bulky camera tucked in its bag, I've been walking around with a small point-and-shoot and my iphone. I thought you might want to see a few glimpses of the surroundings I grew up in and what early summer at the Arctic Circle looks like. I haven't been back here during this season in many many years so it has felt like discovering the little wonders of nature all over again!

I've enjoyed the abundance of fresh Finnish produce: tomatoes, cucumbers, salads, young leaves of birch trees, fresh nettles and rhubarb from my parents garden. I've indulged with 100% rye bread, last season's lingonberries, pure birch sap and chaga tea, collected and made by my parents. Needless to say I love being back in Finland.

I'll be back on Sunday (hopefully) with some wedding photos!

Blueberries are flowering everywhere

And lingonberries are not far behind!
I adore globe flowers!
"Devil's field" - works of the Ice Age.
The early green of birch trees is my favourite colour
The sun never sets
A lone cabin stands amongst the birch trees
Old barns are scattered across the town
It's all so quiet...
Rhubarb grows in abundance
Wedding props I raided from granny's cupboards
More wedding props... can you guess what our theme might be?
The venue is an old house from the late 1800's
I love the rooms the building has... our guests can mingle from room to room

And finally, a few reminders...