May 17, 2012

Muhammara - Roasted Capsicum and Almond Spread

We are getting closer to leaving for Finland - only about a week and a half to go now! We are trying to get everything ready for the wedding and the trip, needless to say life's been a little hectic lately! I must apologise in advance for the lack of posts in the coming weeks. I will try to keep the blog going whilst I'm away, but I can't guarantee as regular posts as I've been able to do now. I'm sure you'll understand!

I've been wanting to make this red capsicum dip ever since I first heard about it in Colleen's podcast. I must admit I don't make dips very often and since I don't tend to eat bread or crackers, dips aren't usually in my list to try. There was something about this particular spread, however, that caught my attention and of course I had to give it a go.

I've used raw almonds instead of more traditional walnuts, which, I'm sure would be just fabulous for this recipe. I've also taken the liberty to add some cinnamon in the mixture, to give it that warm hum. You could certainly add some pomegranate molasses, too. I believe that's actually part of the traditional Syrian recipe. In any case this spread was definitely worth making and it's equally tasty on crusty sourdough or crispy raw vegetables.

Muhammara - Roasted Capsicum and Almond Spread 
(Adapted from Colleen Patrick-Goudreau)

 2 red capsicums
200g raw almonds (or walnuts)
50g fresh bread crumbs
1 clove garlic
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
a pinch of chilli flakes
juice of one lime or half a lemon
2-3 tablespoons water
pinch of salt

1. Roast the capsicums either in a really hot oven (under the grill) or directly over the flame of a gas stove until the skin is blackened. Place the roasted capsicums in a plastic bag for a few minutes before peeling off the skin. 

2. Place all ingredients in a food processor and blend until smooth. Add water if necessary. Serve the spread on bread, crackers or with veggies. Store in the fridge for about 3 days.


  1. A fabulous spread! That is something I'm planning on making when bell peppers are in season.



  2. This is one of my favourite spreads :) Love the photos! Beautiful post.

  3. I gorged myself on this when I was in Syria two summers ago. It's such an unusual texture and flavour, and the colour is fantastic, especially when made with the pomegranate molasses - a really rich dark red.

  4. Sounds like my kind of recipe! Love the color :)

  5. One week till your wedding!!! Whoa, time flies so fast. I still remember when you got engaged! Have a wonderful trip to Finland and enjoy your wedding, Maria!

    Lovely spread and I like how you used a tea pot for this. Your styling always inspire me and go beyond the normal boring way... :-)

    1. Thanks Nami!

      Actually wedding isn't until in three weeks!

      I think that's a Japanese sauce dish, but I could be wrong.

  6. I agree, I dont always gravitate towards dips but when you entertain it is always nice to have a few go-tos, as they are always the best for appetizers, but who knows, if you have enough good ones, you could always do a tapas dinner also!

  7. Oh wow - didn't know you were off to Finland to be married. All the best to you Maria!

  8. This spread looks absolutely scrumptious and will be copied over the weekend! Maria, even if you cannot post, we all will be here when you return! Send a few summer photos from Suomi: lakes and birches and saunas and summer berries :) ! All happiness, enjoy every moment! And God bless . . .

  9. This looks delicious! I am allergic to walnuts, so almonds are perfect!


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