January 25, 2012

21-Day Sugar-Free Vegan Challenge - Week 3

It's the final week of my 21-Day Sugar-Free Vegan Challenge! Thank you again for your comments and emails, they really mean so much to me.

In my previous post, I mentioned how 'easy' this challenge has been for me. By that, I really only meant the part of not eating any animal products - that has been a no-brainer and I haven't missed anything at all. On the other hand, however, this challenge has been truly insightful and immensely eye-opening. In past weeks I have soaked up a lot of information about vegan lifestyle, I have learned about the health benefits of a vegan diet, and I have become more aware of the responsibilities that follow from consuming animal products.

Ignorance is a bliss, they say.  I have learned so much during this vegan challenge, I simply can't ignore the facts anymore. I started this challenge for purely 'selfish' reasons, ie. I wanted to see what difference it would make for the way I think about food (obviously I was already a vegetarian and didn't eat dairy), how it would make me feel physically and would I be able to come up with recipes that were 100% vegan. I realise now, towards the end of the challenge, that this isn't really about me anymore. It's about being a conscious consumer (see my thoughts about it here), being compassionate towards other people, animals and the world we are living in and it's about the animals. I am now fully convinced that I don't need to consume animal products to stay healthy, I don't need to consume them to feel satisfied and I can certainly survive and be joyful and energised without meat, dairy or eggs. 

My goal with this challenge now is simply to inspire, raise awareness and show that it can be done. I am not going to start preaching about the health risks associated with consuming animal products or the horrific practises that take place just to satisfy humans' taste for meat, dairy and eggs. I can only encourage you to find out yourself, learn as much as you can and then make your own decision.

I hope you have enjoyed this challenge and I hope I've been able to bring the vegan message forward. Although these are the final recipes for the challenge, this is far from over for me. Rather, this really is the new beginning.

Day 15. 

Breakfast: Green smoothie

Day 16. 

Breakfast: Steamed or fried temped with leafy greens and fresh, raw vegetables. Sprinkle the salad with sunflower or pumpkin seeds and drizzle with olive oil or flaxseed oil.

Day 17. 

Day 18. 

Dinner: Roasted pumpkin orzotto (leave out the feta cheese for a vegan version)

Day 19. 

Breakfast: Sugar-free granola
Dinner: Spelt couscous salad with grilled eggplant (leave out the pomegranate and the figs for a sugar-free version)

Day 20. 

Breakfast: Green smoothie

Day 21. 

Please take time to visit Colleen's wonderful website. Her podcasts and writings are incredibly inspiring, thoughtful and informative


  1. I have so enjoyed reading your challenge notes. Although I haven't taken on the challenge you have described, through recipe and reflection, it all so articulately that I too have been very much more conscious about my consumer behaviour. Best of the recipe are freakin' delicious.


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