December 04, 2011

Seasonal Recipe Guide - Summer

Here's the seasonal recipe guide for summer, as promised! Most of you are probably thinking of Christmas by now and summer is the last thing on your mind, but here in Australia we are somehow combining the two. Truth be told, I still haven't really learned how to manage that, but I've been told it'll get easier with time. 

My favourite thing about summer is, of course, the abundance of fresh produce. I love visiting the farmers markets and picking up a huge basket full of fresh veggies, then coming home and unloading them on my kitchen bench and thinking of all the possible ways to use them up. 

Past summers I've been gorging myself with summer fruit like mangoes, cherries, nectarines and berries, but this summer I'll be concentrating on veggies instead. My juicer has been churning almost daily lately and I've been making fresh vegetable juices of all imaginable combinations - celery, cucumber and ginger has been my favourite so far, but I've also been adding in some spinach, fresh herbs, whatever greens I've happened to have at hand. My new Vitamix has proven to be the best purchase yet, and even my fiance is now enjoying a glass of almond milk daily! Rhubarb and almond milk shakes have been my favourite. I add a healthy touch of cinnamon in the mix and it's just perfect. 

Here are just a few of my favourite recipes from past summer. I am looking forward to spending this summer in our new home, inspired by the new scenery, new kitchen and of course the fresh produce.


Light vegetarian meals and salads

Spelt linguine and zucchini with walnut pesto

Pea and avocado soup with watercress and snow pea sprouts

Paradise pear and kamut couscous salad

Rye and wheat with beets, carrots and goat cheese

Grilled peaches and haloumi salad

Cherry salad with feta and macadamias

Spelt couscous salad with grilled eggplant

Thyme, pine nuts and feta muffins 

Fig and goat cheese tart

Desserts and other treats

Blackberry pancake tart

The ultimate Scandi pancake cake

Summer dessert

Cranberry frozen yoghurt with crisp rye and cocoa granola

Rhubarb and strawberry frozen yoghurt

Strawberry-cocoa soy smoothie