September 05, 2011

Seasonal Recipe Guide - Spring

Hi friends!

I thought I'd share a few links to some of my favourite spring-time recipes. Some of the produce is available almost all year around here in Australia, but there are definitely some exciting new-season greens and veggies appearing in the markets. I can't wait to cook with the spring nettles, asparagus and broad beans, see my kitchen garden grow and enjoy the warm spring weather.

Quinoa with Golden Beets and Goat Cheese
Broad Bean Burgers
Strawberry and Haloumi Salad
Dandelion Salad with Heirloom Carrots, Feta and Rye Croutons
Rhubarb Spelt Cake with Cinnamon Crunch
Stinging Nettle Soup
Beetroot Yuzu Juice

And some more recent posts

Rhubarb, Walnut and Chia Muffins
Summery Scandi Pancake Cake
Raspberry and Almond Clafoutis
Chocolate Zucchini Cake
Ponzu Dressed Beets with Quinoa

I hope you are enjoying the new season, no matter what side of the globe you're living in! 

Have a lovely week!



  1. I love this! It's so cheerful. Wishing you a very happy spring!

  2. A lovely list of recipes... Autumn has started here, so they'll be useful next year! ;-P



  3. I wish it were springtime where I live, your pictures are lovely :), Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  4. Lucky you have all that avail year round!!! Sorry I've missed so many of your posts, I've had such a hectic and busy summer.

  5. A gorgeous list of recipes!!! My favourite is the raspberry and almond clafoutis.

    Love the photos of the flowers. A beautiful way to celebrate spring.

  6. Thank you for the lovely, fresh and healthy recipes. I look forward to see your evolving kitchen garden. Your flowers look beautiful too :)

  7. You, my dear, are definitely making me miss spring. I've bookmarked so many of these recipes for when it finally comes back around here!

  8. Sigh, I could stare at this all day, it's a bit cloudy outside and not becoming of spring at all right now!

  9. Oh I adore spring cooking :) perfect weather. Not too hot and not too cold and the abundance of asparagus makes me happy!

  10. Put aside for the next relaxing moment when a list will be made to try all the recipes I have not in 'proper spring order'!

  11. What a lovely colorful post and really enjoyed the feeling of spring. We're heading toward cold weather (well not quite yet) while you are heading for warm weather... I wish I can just jump to Australia to spend my cold season there. =) Your vibrant photos made me very happy!

  12. In season or not, I would undoubtedly eat all the edible stuff in this post.

  13. Lovely round-up, making me sad that we are moving out of the summer into fall over in my part of the world.

  14. Oh so beautiful but at the same time strange to see springtime pictures! Im off for a walk in the swedish fall.. Mabye some mushrooms:)

  15. So happy Spring has arrived....can't wait for asparagus!


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