September 03, 2011

Rye and spelt crusted apple tarts with vanilla sauce

It's been another hectic Saturday driving around some of Sydney's northern suburbs and inspecting properties. After so many disappointments I'm kind of careful getting my hopes up, but I still can't help my little heart skipping a beat when I see something I really like. I felt like we needed a bit of a pick-me-up after the busy morning, and these individual apple tarts were a perfect remedy for the cause. 

I am often put off by a greasy pastry you get at some cafes or pastry shops. I think it stems from my mum who was never a big fan of flaky, buttery crusts and always preferred a healthier option. These rye and spelt crusted apple tarts are certainly neither too sweet or oily, but savoured with some smooth vanilla sauce they are a lovely quick treat for any occasion.

Rye and spelt crusted apple tarts...
(makes 8)

100ml water
2 teaspoons raw caster sugar
1/2 tablespoon olive oil
50g rye flour
100g spelt flour

2-3 apples
1/2 lemon, juiced
2 tablespoons rapadura sugar
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon natural vanilla extract or paste

1. Preheat the oven to 200C and grease a 12 cup muffin tin. 

2. Place the water, sugar, olive oil and flours into a bowl and knead into a smooth dough. Roll the dough into a log and cut into equal sized portions (about 8). 

3. Roll each portion into a flat round disk and tuck into the muffin cups. 

4. Peel the apples and cut them into cubes. Place the cubes in a bowl and drizzle with lemon juice, sugar, cinnamon and vanilla. Toss to coat, then fill the pastry cups with the apple cubes. 

5. Bake for 10-13 minutes. 

...with vanilla sauce

1 large free-range egg
1 tablespoon raw caster sugar
400ml milk
1 1/2 tablespoons potato starch
1 teaspoon natural vanilla extract or paste

1. Lightly whisk the egg in a small saucepan. Add all other ingredients, then turn on the heat.

2. Whisking continuously, heat the mixture until thickened, but do not let it come to boil. 

3. Serve warm with the apple tarts.


  1. Mmmm,kuulostaapa herkulliselta!

  2. Buying property is as difficult as selling, we are trying to sell our UK house at present but there is little money around!!
    Love these little tarts they look really yummy. Keep looking :-) Diane

  3. I'd love to have one of those delicious tartlets for breakfast!



  4. Mouth is watering, Maria! Woke up a few hours ago and am already thinking about making this... Thanks for another great recipe post!

  5. You and I seem to have been following a similar vibe lately :) I made some spelt and rye scone breads just a couple of days ago and find this combination amazingly nourishing. Great ingredients for autumn that's slowly making its way into the northern hemisphere.

  6. These look and sound delicious! And I'm glad apple season is getting close.

  7. Sensible AND tempting! :) It is supposedly a buyers' market, so enjoy and a 'happy find' soon!

  8. healthy is always the best choice to me. especially if it's good and healthy like these little tarts. have agood weekend!

  9. I am also put off by really greasy pastries. I totally value buttery French ones, but they shouldn't taste oily and some bakeries definitely haven't gotten that right.

    I love the idea of a rye crust - how unique. And that custard looks sinful.

  10. what a lovely combination using spelt and rye - so earthy.. looks delicious

  11. I'm with you. I prefer the healthier version as well. The sauce looks so wonderful!

  12. These tarts look adorable! I am beginning to feel like a backward village girl for not having tried this flour yet! Off to the market to test it!

  13. What a great alternative :) I do love a good buttery crust however my hips and waistline do not. Thank you for helping them out ;) haha

  14. Your tarts look SO good, and much healthier than a traditional tart. Yum! I love the drizzle of the vanilla sauce over the apples.

  15. I am making these sometime this week!! Love the recipe :)

  16. I want to be driving around looking at properties! We want to move but haven't taken the dive yet! And these tarts look fabulous - flavorful yet so clean and simple. Love it!

  17. Agh! I know what you’re going through. Took me a good year to find my humble home. At least we have glorious food to get us through it all. Good luck with the hunt

  18. Beautiful and delicious apple tarts and I love that simple but stylish plate! ;-)

  19. Oh, that dessert looks heavenly. Apple season is just around the corner--I can't wait!

  20. these look dainty and lovely, and i'm really keen on that sauce! nice treat, maria. :)

  21. Good luck with your search!

    We are heading into apple season and I look forward to making these apple tarts. Gorgeous photos, too!

  22. Hei! Sinulla on ihana blogi:) I made these on sunday and they were a perfect treat. Thanks!


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