August 07, 2011

Sunday snaps

I've taken a little break from the kitchen to take some photos of the pretty flowers I got for the weekend. I love having fresh flowers at home, especially on the weekend and these have a beautiful scent that is floating on to all corners of our home. The lush and sweet cherries were a perfect treat for the day too.

I also set up this temporary desk near the window. I have a bad habit of spreading my  belongings all over our dining table so in attempt to keep it clear I set up this little desk just for myself. We live in a small unit so space is scarce - I used the deck of an old wooden trunk as a desk top and I'm temporarily resting it (steadily) on a small cabinet. I'm so excited to have my bits and pieces neatly organised in the cabinet and on the wire tray next to the desk. I have my little mood board set up too and I'm looking forward to filling the frame with some inspirational colours and patterns.

Happy weekend!

Bits and pieces on my desk
Colour inspiration