August 20, 2011

Kitchen Garden Update - Finally!

Guess what? Yes! It's finally time for my kitchen garden update!  As you may remember, my balcony got a make-over a few months ago (read more about it here). I've been anticipating the weather to warm up and the sun to reach my little balcony again so that I can plant a few seedlings and start redoing my garden that was so rudely battered by the cold winter rain and wind. I bought a few seedlings to get started - parsley, mint, rosemary, oregano and some lettuce. I'm also planning to sow seeds for some veggies in a couple of weeks' time.

Oregano and mint. The mint has braved winter and done really well!
I couldn't wait to drag my chair on the balcony, grab a book and just sit there enjoying my little green batch. The weather turned out perfect today, so I went to the markets this morning and stocked up olives and olive oil and bought some bits and pieces for my ever-growing junk collection. I love buying old fabrics, ribbons and cotton thread and just admire their bright colours.

Anyway, I thought I'd share these photos with you today. There will be many more kitchen garden photos to follow, I'm sure! Until then, I hope you're enjoying the weekend!

Rosemary is my favourite so I keep it in the kitchen too at all times.
Spring flowers to brighten up my balcony
And some bits and pieces I've collected from junk shops and markets... I'm dying to start sewing!