June 18, 2011

Seasonal Recipe Guide - Autumn and Winter

Hi all,

I wanted to make another 'round-up' post, this time focusing on seasonal recipes. Being such a large continent, Australia has many different climates and thus some produce can be in season all year round. The interesting and also somewhat confusing fact is that some of the produce follows the same seasons as the northern hemisphere and some are the complete opposite.

Here are some of my favourite seasonal recipes for autumn and winter. Seasonal eating is the best kind and here in Australia it is a necessity as most fruit and vegetables are domestically produced. Eating seasonal produce is, however, not only economical but also a tastier option. Opt for local produce as well, if you can.

I love autumn and winter for the simple reason that the cooler months call for warm comfort food. This doesn't have to mean heavy meals, however, as soups and healthy salads can be just as comforting and satisfying. In desserts I adore the citrus flavours and there is no better time to enjoy them than in winter. Hope you can find something you like amongst the recipes below! There will be more seasonal recipe guides in the future and no doubt one for spring and summer as well.

1. Roasted chestnuts with lentils and goat cheese
2. Roasted brussels sprout and walnut salad
3. Roasted quince and wheat berry
4. Red cabbage and apple salad with mandarin dressing
5. Savoy cabbage rolls with golden chanterelle and brown rice filling
6. Orange flavoured roasted pumpkin with lentils
7. Pan fried pumpkin with pepitas and grated eggs
8. Beetroot orzotto
9. Roasted cauliflower with lentils
10. Celeriac remoulade

1. Roasted capsicum soup and Finnish scones
2. Leek, broccoli and pea soup
3. Rustic tomato soup
4. Wild mushroom soup
5. Creamy roasted chestnut and quinoa soup

1. Potato and rutabaga tarts
2. Chestnut cakes
3. Quince and ginger crumble with vanilla sauce
4. Quince, pear and apple cake
5. Chestnut and apple crumble
6. Pumpkin, almond and mandarin cookies
7. Layered Meyer lemon yoghurt dessert
8. Citrus ricotta pancakes with mint sugar and vanilla balsamic
9. Lemon custard tart
10. Oven baked fruit with Finnish buttermilk cheese