January 17, 2011

Rye and Wheat with Beets, Carrots and Goat Cheese

It was one of those days when I (literally) half-ran home from work because I had an idea of what I wanted to cook. I have a very active mind; I just can't stop it from wandering on to recipes, ingredients and flavour combinations whenever it gets a chance. I'm also a very impatient person, and sometimes it's excruciating to wait hours before I can roll up my sleeves and get cracking.

This dish was one of those recipe ideas. I knew I was on the right track when I bought that packet of goat cheese, I had those beets in my fridge and was craving for taste of walnut oil. I'm not normally a wine lover, but for some reason this dish really seemed to call for a glass. In my opinion, a little luxury to brighten up a working week is exactly what one needs every now and then ;-)

Rye and Wheat with Beets, Carrots and Goat Cheese
(Serves 2 hungry diners)

1/2 cup rye grain
1 cup wheat grain (wheat berry)
2 medium beets, unpeeled and left whole
2 carrots, unpeeled, chopped in half or thirds
fresh rosemary
70g goat cheese
1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 tbsp walnut oil + extra for serving
pinch of salt
2 tbsp pine nuts, toasted, for serving

Place the rye and wheat grains in a medium saucepan and cover with water. Bring to boil and simmer for about 40 minutes. Drain and place in a large mixing bowl.

While the grains are cooking, place the beets and carrots in a large saucepan and cover with water. Bring to boil and let simmer for 30-40 minutes or until just tender (remove the carrots earlier as they will cook faster). Peel the beets under running cold water, peel the carrots and chop into chunks.

Season the grains with apple cider vinegar, walnut oil and a pinch of salt. Add rosemary (as much as you like), carrots, beets and the goat cheese in chunks. Toss everything to mix and plate. Sprinkle with pine nuts and drizzle with extra walnut oil.

Have a lovely start for the week!


  1. What a gorgeous dish! So healthy, refined and delicious.



  2. So healthy and delicious looking!

    If only u were my neighbour... u do dinner, and i'd do dessert!

  3. This recipe is interesting and sounds so healthy. Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a healthy way to enjoy root vegetables. This dish looks colourful and delicious.

  5. Such a pretty looking meal! Goats cheese and beets are always a magical combination.

  6. Beets and goat cheese are a fantastic combo and I love the rye and wheat in here too!

  7. What a nice salad with different grains...very healthy and complete :-)

  8. Run Maria run! I can just see you sprinting to your kitchen and cooking up a storm. And why not? This looks amazing!

  9. We're currently trying to do no carbs after 6pm and I'm running out of ideas for salads! This is a fabulous recipe Maria and one that I will try soon. Thanks!


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