January 14, 2011

Nara and Osaka, Japan

Osaka has been the town where Mr Scandi Foodie spent the most time when he was visiting Japan as a kid. Thus, he had a lot of good memories of different places and we really enjoyed spending time with his relatives in Osaka.

There is definitely a different kind of atmosphere in Osaka compared to Tokyo, and the food is different too: in Osaka the food tends to be more "Kansai-type", more hearty and there are some dishes that we saw in Tokyo everywhere but were hard to spot in Osaka. Okonomiyaki is everywhere, and you must try them while in town! The okonomiyaki we tried came with all sorts of toppings: from salami to oysters, prawns and even spaghetti!

From Osaka, we did an overnight trip to Nara where we attended a historical festival and admired the Todaiji temple which is the largest wooden structure in the world. This town is also known for its deer and there are certainly many of them around!

The colourful outfits from different historical periods at the festival in Nara

Oden (a soup with fish cakes, daikon, boiled egg and konnyaku) and Zenzai (rice cake in green tea with red beans) were exactly what we needed after standing in the cold all day!

Festival food included these jumbo okonomiyaki, they were huge!

The freshest mochi; we watched them making these and they were delicious!

We enjoyed the most creative meal with my partner's relatives. Truly a one's in a life time experience! A multiple course dinner consisted of small dishes of fish, vegetables and tofu.

A little snowman made out of burdock, with skiis and all!

Sake with fugu fin is a must try when visiting Japan

We really had a lovely time in Osaka: great people, great food!



  1. i loved the food when we visited japan. its just so different from anywhere else in the world. I would love if you could describe what some of those foods are in your pictures. thanks for sharing your lovely trip!

  2. how I miss Japan!!! looks like you guys had an awesome time!! Happy New Year babe xx

  3. I really want to go to Japan. In fact mentioned it to Mr K for next years o/s trip. All I got was "oh really"

  4. Sake with fugu fin - now that's definitely an interesting combination! Did the fin have much flavour that it imparted to the sake?

  5. What a cool collection of colours and shapes. Those giganto okonomiyaki are incredible! And oh deary me I have a massive mochi craving now.. dang..

  6. Ah, I wish my husband and I could afford to go to Japan when I see your wonderful pictures and hear about your experiences! Of course, if we could travel overseas in the near future, we're both dying to go to Rome, so I think that would happen first!

  7. A lovely glimpse of Japan and its cuisine!

  8. YES.. People in Osaka are truly more welcoming than Tokyo, or Central Japan... didn't know your Mr. was Japanese.. that's pretty cool.


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