December 31, 2010

Leipäjuusto - Bread Cheese

Happy New Year's Eve everyone!

We are taking it easy this New Year's Eve and spending it here in Finland with my family. We are planning a selection of interesting nibbles for tonight, but I'll share more of that with you later ;-)

I couldn't possibly leave out a post dedicated to one of my favourite Finnish cheeses, leipäjuusto (leipä=bread, juusto=cheese), also known as Finnish squeaky cheese. I've made sure to enjoy this mild and highly addictive cheese daily while in Finland; either with a hot cup of coffee or with cloudberries. Inspired by our trip to Japan, I also paired leipäjuusto with kaki (or persimmon), and found it works surprisingly well!

I wish you the best of health for the upcoming year; eat well and enjoy!

Leipäjuusto with cloudberry sauce

Persimmon & Leipäjuusto with Cloudberry Sauce*
(Serves 4)

4 persimmons
leipäjuusto (about 50g)
150g cloudberries, pureed

Cut out the tops of the persimmons and scoop out the insides. Set aside. Chop the
leipäjuusto into small cubes and cut the persimmon flesh into pieces. Mix the cheese with the fruit and fill in the persimmon cups with the mixture. Drizzle the mixture generously with the cloudberry sauce.

*You can try replacing the cheese with another mild cheese and use cloudberry jam (made into a runnier paste with some water for example) as a substitute.
Cloudberry jams are available in most Scandinavian shops and IKEA.