December 13, 2010

Hello from Japan (Part 1)

Hello from Japan!

We have been travelling for a week now; meeting my partner's relatives, visiting shrines and temples and of course eating well. We have been spoiled rotten with the politeness and kindness of the Japanese people, the superb public transport and the overflowing amount of exciting new flavours we've been fortunate to try everywhere. Needless to say we are in love with Japan.

We've been eating so many different dishes and I've taken countless photos so it will be very difficult to decide what to share with you guys. Undoubtedly this will be just one of many Japan posts to follow so please bare with me as I share my excitement with what we've experienced during our trip.

We have realised that it is almost impossible to have a bad meal here no matter if you eat in a Japanese style fast food chain or a fancy restaurant enjoying a special kaiseki type meal (which I will share with you later). Food is diverse, fresh and delicious and there is much more to Japanese cuisine than noodles and sushi. Having said that both sushi and noodles are so much tastier here than anywhere else outside Japan.

In this first post I'll share with you some of our food moments we experienced during our first days in Tokyo.

We enjoyed our first meal at a small kaiten sushi (sushi train)

I know how this little boy feels trying to decide what to eat

Snacking in Asakusa

Sweet potato snack

Deli Japanese style

Nasu Dengaku from a deli in Asakusa

I have been enjoying natto almost every day during our trip, this is just one way of serving it

Sashimi salad

Yakitori with various parts of a chicken including heart and liver

Sashimi here is just fantastic

One of the latest trends is to serve tempura with flavoured salts instead of a dipping sauce

Shabu Shabu was delicious with fresh ingredients and umeboshi paste

More ingredients go in to the pot

This is ingenius: Risotto Japanese way - once all the meat and vegetables have been eaten, cooked rice is added to the broth followed by a raw egg. Delicious!

Japanese desserts are often small and simple, like this delicious apple sorbet

Stay tuned as more posts from Japan are to follow!