November 20, 2010

Kale, Heirloom Carrot, Mission Fig and Feta Salad with Pomegranate Balsamic

The best thing about weekend mornings are the early morning walks to the beach, the unrushed breakfasts and the local produce markets where people are catching up with each other over a cup of coffee, buying seasonal produce and enjoying live music. It was a morning like this today here in Sydney, the sun was out and I felt so happy.

I love buying ingredients from the markets; it has so much character, people are there to enjoy the experience and are generally in a good mood and you get the benefit of buying local produce. Yes, in an ideal world I would buy all my groceries from the fresh produce markets!

This time I had nothing special in mind, I was hoping to find just one ingredient that would inspire me to make a nice dish for lunch. I did end up buying a few things: some beautiful kale, gorgeous heirloom carrots, dried organic mission figs and delicious pomegranate balsamic, and without really planning it made a salad using all these ingredients! We ended up forking out a huge plate of this standing over the kitchen bench and it was a perfect dish for a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Kale, Heirloom Carrot, Mission Fig and Feta Salad
with Pomegranate Balsamic

small bunch kale, washed
small bunch heirloom carrots
50g organic dried Mission figs, cut into quarters
100g feta cheese
1 tbsp extra-virgin lemon olive oil (or olive oil with lemon)
1 tbsp pomegranate balsamic vinegar

Cut out the stems and the ribs of the kale, and cut the heads off the carrots. Place the carrots in a steamer, top with the kale and steam. Carrot will need a few minutes, but the kale leaves only need less than a minute. Place the kale leaves on a large platter, scatter the figs on top and place the steamed carrots in the middle. Crumble over the feta and drizzle with lemon olive oil and pomegranate balsamic.


  1. Beautifully presented salad Maria!

  2. Going to the weekend market is my favorite way to spend a saturday as well. What a gorgeous salad!

  3. Beautiful salad! I love your heirloom carrots. I have been growning my own for a few years and love that my small children know what 'real' carrots look and taste like.

  4. Okay, it might be the fact that I could possibly have the maturity level of a 10-year-old, but I have to say it ... Purple carrots! Awesome!

    And pomegranate balsamic vinegar? Yeah, that just sounds delicious.

  5. I love heirloom vegetables but have found it hard to get carrots-thanks for the tip Maria! :D

  6. Love the heirloom carrots. You know what, Maria, I have not been to a fresh produce market yet in Sydney, I should make that a to-do item on my next trip!

  7. look at those beautiful carrots. This recipe is delicious because kale is king!

  8. Those carrots look amazing! And the dried figs must have tasted great together with the kale.
    Such a beautiful dish!

  9. Another recipe I love love love! I can not wait to try some of these!


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