September 24, 2010

Trout and buckwheat with basil lemon dressing

Most of the time I consider myself being a very practical girl. I wear practical shoes (with a 176cm frame I don't exactly need stilettos anyway), I make practical purchases (although some things are just meant to look pretty), and yes I sometimes even make practical decisions about cooking. This is why fish is often on the menu on Fridays as it isn't exactly friendly office food (it often has a fishy smell, to be exact). So often on Fridays I only make enough for dinner, with no leftovers to take for lunch the following day. Practical, I told ya'! ;-)

Trout and Buckwheat with Basil Lemon Dressing

300g trout fillet, deboned
1 cup buckwheat
1 shallot or Spring onions, green parts only, finely sliced

Basil Lemon Dressing
(Recipe adapted from Real Simple)

1/2 cup fresh basil
small pinch of sea salt
2 tbsp fresh lemon juice
1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil

To pouch the trout, place the fillet in a frying pan, fill with water and bring to boil. Let simmer for 10 minutes or until the fillet is cooked through.

Bring plenty of water to boil in a medium saucepan. Add the buckwheat and let simmer for 5-7 minutes or until tender. Drain well.

To make the dressing, combine all ingredients in a bowl of a food processor and whiz until well combined.

To assemble the dish, break the trout into bite size pieces, and combine with buckwheat. Sprinkle with shallots and drizzle with the basil lemon dressing. Serve with a wedge of lemon.

Have a lovely weekend!