August 06, 2010

Jugemu/Shimbashi, Neutral Bay (Revisited)

So I just told you about the always reliable, never disappointing Jugemu/Shimbashi just a couple of months ago, but I could not resist the temptation to show you guys more of the great selection they have on the menu! Once again, I did not have a bad bite the whole night and I can definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for excellent quality, authentic, Japanese food.

Being joined by fellow food adventurers Amy and the Pizzaboy, I knew we were in for a night of pure culinary excitement!

Delicious ox tongue

Seared tuna in miso sauce was so incredibly tender, melt in your mouth, and the presentation just beautiful!

I looooove onigiri; fried crispy and seasoned with soy sauce, while soft on the inside, and served with miso sauce it was simpy bliss

Tempura soba had a beautifully tasty broth

Waguy okonomiyaki... oh baby! Unbelievable!

Ice cream in choux pastry... we waited long for this, but damn it was worth it!

Fruit with sweet red bean, green tea jelly and soft rice cakes... Japan on a plate!

And my menu just happened to have this on it... signed by... Ken Done!

Jugemu & Shimbashi
246 Military Road
Neutral Bay
Tel (02) 9904 3011


  1. So with you on this, absolutely love this place for its soba AND okonomiyaki. Keep telling friends about it and bringing friends here.

  2. I've got to get here sometime, do they do lunch on the weekend?

  3. Good question John. At least they used to do lunch on Saturdays, not on Sundays. You might need to call and confirm if that is still the case. Lemme know if you're going, I can't resist going back time and time again!

  4. Ohhh Wagyu Okonomiyaki? Interesting!! Mmm maybe next time dinner up your way? =D


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