July 30, 2010

Trout with matcha salt, black sesame salt and soy fried rice

It often happens that a new cook book is all I need to feel inspired and motivated again. Having been sick with a cold all week a parcel from the bookdepository.com really lifted my mood: Washoku by Elisabeth Andoh could not have arrived at a better time!

I am so fascinated by the concept of this book. Washoku is all about "the art of creating nutritional and aesthetic harmony at the table", something that we so easily fogret in our busy daily lives. Reading this book really made me feel serene (although I can't guarantee the heavy flu medication had nothing to do with it), and dream of a life less busy, less stressful and more balanced in every way.

The idea to try different salts with my dinner also came from this book, and I decided to experiment with a matcha salt and a black sesame salt, both of which are my favourite flavors.

Matcha salt

1 tsp sea salt flakes
1/4 tsp matcha powder

Grind gently in a mortar and pestle. Serve with fish or use as a dip for fried foods.

Black sesame salt

1 tbs black sesame seeds
1 tsp sea salt

Grind in a mortar and pestle. Serve with fish or dish of your choice.

Pan fry the filet of fish...

...and serve the salts with the fish

Soy fried rice

cooked brown rice
soy sauce
canola oil

Heat the oil in a frying pan, add the rice and let cook until slightly browned and crisped. Season with soy sauce.

Happy weekend everyone!