July 17, 2010

Sydney Good Food & Wine Show 2010

The yearly Good Food & Wine Show hit Sydney in 16-18 July and I thought I'd go and see what the fuss was all about. Turns out it's a massive trade show for wine, some artisan products and a lot instant, canned and ready-made meals. For 30 something dollars a ticket it is worth it if a) you are into wine and/or b) you want to spot some celebrity chefs. For me who is not so much into wine the highlight of the day was Matt Moran's stage show which was fun and entertaining, but the rest of it was unfortunately mostly rubbish.

There is, however, other entertainment available such as the celebrity theatre, coffee tasting, Lindt chocolate masterclasses, cupcake making classes, book signing, but sadly most of it is suffocated by the overflowing crowds.

We still had an interesting food filled day :)

Cheese samples

Spices and spiced biscotti

Josophan's chocolates

Josophan's chocolates

Edible Blooms

Chocolate coated fruits... The chocolate coated strawberry was delicious!

Mochi samples

Panforte by Madeleine Kent Cakes

Panforte by Madeleine Kent Cakes

Lavosh crispbreads

Jellies and sago cookies

Sharon Wee Creations

Chef's Armoury

And some celebrity chef spotting...

Ed Halmagyi ("Fast Ed") whom I see at my gym every now and then :)

Myself with Gabriel Gaté

Kylie Kwong

George Calombaris

Matt Moran at his stage show starts chopping up the whole lamb...

Giving most of it away to some lucky viewers in the audience...

George drops by on stage...

And here's a happy owner of his cookbook.

The stuff we came home with: Some goodie bag products, Matt Moran's signed cookbook, apple wafers, sparkling water and Japanese yuzu which I at $16 for 150ml will use very sparingly...

Good Food & Wine Show (Sydney)
16-18 July 2010
Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre


  1. Nom nom mochi samples :) :)

  2. I'm in love with the products there, I found many many new ones I hadn't heard of.
    Great experience for a daily healthy food blogger.

  3. awww. look at Matt handling that huge chunk of meat! You didn't rub his bald head for me did you? :(

  4. Loving all the celebrity photos you got!

  5. I've only been to this event once and also found it overrun with way too many people. I've never rushed back. Matt Moran, oooh la la! He can sign my book any day

  6. I heartily agree, $28 for entry to what amounts to a trade show is not good value!

  7. That was a quick post! I saw Gary from MasterChef today and he's pretty cool. Love your 'photos with the stars', hehe!

  8. LoL oops, at the end of the day I was tired and I called him Ed Sullivan haha, I knew he was "Fast Ed".

    I think with the explosion of Masterchef it's bought the inner foodie out of everyone this year! Or there was just more people there to get pissed and/or get freebies! So overwhelmed by the crowds we missed alot of what you saw. We had enough after a couple of hours and we totally forgot about trying to get tickets to a show =( Oh and Ryan spotted Gabriel but I was too shy to ask for a photo haha, he kept getting pulled away from cooking his pearl couscous - which was yummy by the way!

    Oh and amazing photos, looks as if all those hoards of people wern't there, suprised you were able to snap full trays of food! =D

  9. great pics of the day. that's great you got to meet matt. he's such a carnivore! i got a photo with gabriel was well hehe. was good to bump into you. see you soon :-)

  10. I purchased Matt's book and got him to sign it as well. He asked me what I thought of the show and I had to sheepishly reply that I didn't see it and was going to see Tobie & Matthew later that day....ooops :)

  11. Great photos, thanks Maria! Saved me the trip..and the $30! :)

  12. Aww you look so pretty in the pics! And you gotgreat photos despite the crowds. I always find it hard to get good photos when there are lots of people :)


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