July 31, 2010

Newtown Eating Tour

"Time to get some dreadlocks and piercings, we're off to Newtown!"

Back in June we did an eating tour around Cabramatta and this time it was John's turn to show us around his suburb, and so I joined a bunch of food bloggers for a tour around Newtown. I was keen to see what this edgy part of Sydney had to offer as I don't venture out there too often.

We started the day at the Eveleigh Markets which really surprised me with the great range of good quality produce and artisan products.

Kylie Kwong cooking at her stall

Fresh produce

Beautiful chocolates from Gumnut and Chocolate meringues

Pork trotters


We continue our tour and stop at the Black Star Pastry to sample some of their delicious cakes. I think I must go back to Newtown just for these cakes!

Fig, quince and orange cake

Strawberry, Rose and Watermelon cake

Lemon Meringue & Chocolate and Caramel Tart with Basil Jelly

After the cakes it's Pastizzi Cafe for some savoury and sweet pastizzi. The pastry is absolutely beautiful: incredibly flaky but not too greasy. The savoury collection includes a variety of flavour combinations such as spinach & ricotta, vegie curry, meat & curry and chili con carne. We have a choice of apple and chocolate & ricotta for sweet pastizzi and both are just perfect.
Collection of savoury pastizzis

Apple pastizzi and Chocolate & Ricotta Pastizzi

After some shopping at the Fiji Market we have a quick treat of traditional Indian sweets, but they are a tad too sweet for my taste.

Indian Sweets

We head to lunch to a Sri Lankan restaurant called Kammadhenu where we order a few dishes to share. The food is fragrant, delicious and some of it quite spicy, but I really enjoy the new flavours.

Deep fried cauliflower is crunchy and flavoursome

Goat saag definitely has a kick to it, but the meat is so tender and delicious
Eggplant salad is refreshing

String hoppers with a spicy curry

Egg hoppers

Lamb masala dosai & Cheese masala dosai - my favourite; I just love the thin crispy pancake with delicious fillings and the different dipping

And of course we can't leave Newtown without gelato so the final pit stop is at Gelatomassi!

Thank you John!

Eveleigh Markets

243 Wilson St
Eveleigh, NSW

Black Star Pastry
277 Australia St
Newtown, NSW

Pastizzi Cafe
523 King St
Newtown, NSW

Fiji Market
591 King St
Newtown, NSW

377 King St
Newtown, NSW

262 King Street
Newtown, NSW


  1. Lovely photos! I really like Eveleigh Markets, i'm gonna have to drag Pizzaboy out to it one sunny day. aww gotta go back to the indian restaurant too!

  2. Glad you enjoyed, my darling! Such a great wrap-up of our wanderings. Sorry about the spicy food. Great photo's! Now ... where to next?

  3. that egg hopper looks so cute! and i <3 gelatomassi esp the pistachio and the watermelon oh baby

  4. What flavour is that ice cream? It looks deadly! Very nice photos, and very nice tour, by the looks of it :)

  5. Awww love your photos! I'm glad Ryan and I made it to Eveleigh markets, will have to go back again another day. Looking forward to our next adventure!

  6. A fab day out. You did really well at lunch considering you don't eat chilli!

  7. photos look great! I especially love the Sri Lankan food.

  8. some great choices there. i'm hoping to visit eveleigh markets again in a couple of weeks. such great produce there. so no bloodwood this time around? did you point out the vietnamese roll place near Newtown Station for a cheap lunch meal. newtown has so much to offer doesn't it :-)

  9. Bel, that was my icecream. Chocolate mud cake. Absolutely divine!

  10. The watermelon cake at Black Star Pastry is the ultimate favourite amongst many of my friends - yum!

  11. The hoppers LOOKs great! I wish there is more decent ski lankan food in melbourne.

  12. What a fantastic eating tour! The Black Star cakes look incredible :) Good to see Kylie Kwong keeping it real, too!

  13. I'm coming to Sydney for a week. Do you have a top ten must-try Sydney food list?

  14. Oh gee a tough one! You might want to visit this blog www.notquitenigella.com, she's not only a Sydney sider but also tried A LOT of the places here! For interesting Aussie pizzas I'd suggest The Australian Heritage Hotel at the Rocks, Harry's Cafe de Wheels is also iconic, you'll have to have an Aussie meat pie while in Sydney! There's excellent Asian food available everywhere in Sydney if you're interested.

    Hope you'll enjoy your time in Sydney!

  15. @Maria - thanks. I plan on having a great time.

  16. Hey i'm not sure if I told you but I used to live ON King St in Newtown. LOVED IT and it's my home :) Kammadhenu is great for roti and curry (although I think I still prefer the Mamak ones hehe) and Gelatomassi! I used to go there every other day LOL.. also breakfast at Urban Bites *nom* and GIANT chai lattes at Citrus. And of course for coffee drinkers, you can't go past Campos :)

  17. Great tour - thanks for sharing with us! I've never been to everleigh markets - where have I been all this time?!? Sheesh!


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