July 05, 2010

New Shanghai, Chatswood Chase

There is no such restaurant as "Old Shanghai" or just "Shanghai", but there is the original "New Shanghai" in Ashfield, then there is the "New Shanghai" in Chatswood and the newest "New Shanghai" in Chatswood Chase. Aah, the things you learn when you're dining out with friends who know their business. I was dining with mademoiselle délicieuse, Amy and the pizzaboy and I felt so privileged to be out with such knowledgeable (not to mention fun) friends!

Although New Shanghai is tucked away in the corner of the newly renovated food court/dining court of Chatswood Chase, it has succeeded in creating an atmosphere with real character. You can observe the delicious dumplings being created by the skillful masters, and the restaurant is decorated with posters and lanterns of 1920's China. I am immediately in love with this place!

We sit down and start browsing the menu. I am always intrigued and interested in trying food I have never heard of and New Shanghai has quite a few of those on its menu.

We start of with the chrysanthemum tea which has a lovely herbal, almost medicinal taste.

We can't go past the Xiao Long Bao (steamed mini pork buns), and these are vary tasty with a beautiful, hot soup inside.

Careful not to burn your mouth again, Maria!

This is something I have never tried before: Stir fried Chinese rice cakes with X.O. sauce & shredded pork. You could expect these little disks to be crispy; they remind me a bit of water chestnuts, but instead they are soft and a bit chewy. I love them!

We have to try this one too: It's deep fried calamari coated with salted egg yolk. I am continuing my love affair with Chinese eggs, and this calamari is really delicious. I must make the salted egg yolk at home to have with rice or just about anything!

We figure we should order a vegetable dish to give things some balance so we order this stir fried string bean dish which is served with dried shrimps and soy sauce. Very tasty!

New Shanghai pan fried pork buns are delicious: the pastry is so tasty and the pork mince inside is flavoured with some fresh ginger. Don't you just love the way these look?

Desserts: Mini sticky rice balls in Chinese dessert rice wine soup. Well I didn't burn my mouth with the dumplings because I was clearly saving it for this! But the rice balls are just so fantastic, filled with delicious black sesame paste, and the soup is rich in rice wine. Such a lovely, warming winter dessert!
Baked pastry filled with red bean paste. The pastry is almost non Chinese like, but very flaky and tasty. I love red bean and I think it makes delicious desserts.

So very glad I finally got to try this place out!

Lower Ground Level
Chatswood Chase
345 Victoria Avenue
Chatswood, NSW 2067