July 28, 2010

My Dreamland - Passionflower, Sydney CBD

When I was a little girl I could eat so much ice cream in a day that my mum would have to hide the rest (in the freezer) or else it would have disappeared. I did not seem to have any limit as to how much ice cream I was able to consume in one day.

I blame an unknown enzyme in my system for this unexplainable behaviour and thus have not attempted to limit my ice cream intake during my adult years. Knowing this you can imagine how excited I am every time I go to one of my favourite dessert cafes in Sydney:
This time I was having desserts with friends so I was trying to behave myself...

Final Fantasy: black sesame and coconut ice cream with black jelly and evaporated milk

Fill me in: Chocolate mud ice cream covered with chocolate cookie crunch and spiked with a chocolate flake

Superstar: Red bean ice cream, sticky rice ice cream, black sesame glutinious rice balls and peanut crush

Double Happiness: Green tea ice cream, red bean ice cream, glutinious rice balls and and red beans

Durian ice cream (my choice along with the Superstar!) nomnomnom

The desserts are really generous portions, and thus great value for your money. I absolutely loved the sticky rice ice cream, and of course my all time favourites green tea, black sesame, red bean and durian. I will never get tired of having these! So do I need to tell you how happy I felt after all this?? THIS is where I want to have my birthday desserts this year!

There will be NO left overs!

This is me behaving...

Shop G12, Capitol Square
730-742 George Street
Haymarket, NSW 1240
Tel.(02) 9281 8322