July 10, 2010

Greek Feast at Perama, Petersham

--MY GOSH!!--

I am still in awe after enjoying a full on festive Greek banquet with my lovely blogger friends Amy, Betty, John and Richard along with other dear friends at Perama in Petersham. I had been assured this restaurant was "good", but I must say a simple "good" just isn't enough to describe what we experienced: in one word it was


Let me guide you through the wonderful dishes we had.

There is no Greek meal without bread so lets start with that

Along with the bread came these beautiful dips of "Tzatziki, tarama , split pea, olive paste and smoked eggplant served with paximadia seasoned with white sesame seeds and oregano"

Traditional Greek salad is always a favourite: I loved the cramy feta cheese

Pickled cabbage, zucchini, leek and celery was a lovely wintery dish.

Dried shitake mushrooms pickled in white vinegar were simply delicious

Pan fried filo pies ricotta and danish white filling were flaky and tasty without feeling at all too buttery and greasy.

Inside the pastry was the delicious cheese

Fried prawns and calamari served with a lemon ouzo mayonnaise

"Char grilled Cypriot haloumi cheese served with freshly chopped tomato & shallot, olive paste and honey peppered figs" The smoky haloumi was beautiful with the sweet figs.

Dolmathes with a rice vegetable filling - Sometimes I find the vine leaves too strongly flavoured but these accompanied the soft rice filling perfectly.

Zucchini fritters

The famous pork belly baklava was simply genious: "layers of flaky filo pastry, pork belly meat, date and pistachios, topped with crispy crackling and served with a date and mastic sauce" - Never before have I had anything like this, the baklava was not too greasy, the filling was absolutely delicious and all there was just so much going on, I could do nothing but have a deep sigh and wipe a tear of happiness off the corner of my eye.

Another great dish: "Braised calamari stuffed with jasmine rice, currant, flaked almonds, mint, prawns. Served with tomato, honey,cinnamon sauce and steamed greens" - I loved the hint of cinnamon and the calamari was just so tender.

Vegetarian pastitsio: "Layer of pasta, spiced and herbed eggplant and lentils and topped with a bechamel sauce. Served with a side salad of sliced fennel, baby spinach and walnuts" - The bechamel sauce was sweet and creamy. I think this was a great vegetarian dish.

The popular lamb skaras: "Slow braised shoulder lean lamb with oregano, olive oil, wine and garlic, then char grilled with a lemon, olive oil baste and served with baked oregano lemon potatoes and string beans" - The lamb was unbelievably tender. *Another deep sigh*

You would not think so, but there is ALWAYS room for desserts...

Rice pudding thiples was such a lovely winter dessert! Creamy rice pudding served with fried pastry soaked in honey and crushed walnuts and served with a warm compote of spiced apple
This humble looking dessert was the traditional "Ekmek": honeyed syrup on toasted sour dough brioche, served with a kaymaki (buffalo clotted cream)

And the caramel baklava ice cream with bougatsa... Another genious combination of a traditional Greek dish with a twist

Inside the bougatsa: creamy custard

I did not have a bad bite throughout the whole banquet, and I would without a doubt recommend this restaurant to anyone who is looking for a friendly atmosphere, extraordinary food, and - for AUD50 pp - superb value!

Perama Greek Restaurant
88 Audley St, Petersham
NSW 2049 Australia

Telephone 9569 7534


  1. You are one fast lady! We're on our way home from brunch at Danks St Depot so I'm yet to sort through my photo's. How beautiful was that food! And who made me drink all that wine last night?

  2. You are lightening fast! I haven't even looked at my photos yet! That was an amazing evening. Everything was a standout. Your photos look top notch too!

  3. Love this place! 've eaten there so many times now and I can safely say - haven't had anything to complain about over any of them. Your photos look beautiful too!

  4. My Gosh!

    I couldn't think of a better way to sum up the evening, it was all superb!

  5. Great photos Maria! Looks like you all had a wonderful time eating. Shamefully another "local" I keep passing by but not stopping at even after reading so many good reviews.


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