June 29, 2010

Mamma's Berry Tart

Since making the Finnish blueberry pie some weeks ago I started craving for "Mamma's Berry Tart", which is another popular dessert in Finland. "Mamma" comes from the Swedish word meaning "mum" although I doubt the recipe itself is any more Swedish than Finnish. I really adore the crispy buttery pastry filled with berries and topped with creamy filling. It's no doubt another one of my all time favourites!

Need I convince you more?

Mamma's Berry Tart


100g butter, softened
85g sugar
1 egg
150g plain flour
1 tsp baking powder


25oml light sour cream
1 egg
2 tsp vanilla sugar
70g sugar
500g blueberries or mixed berries, fresh or defrosted
2 tbs potato or corn flour

To make the pastry: Using an electric mixed, whisk the butter and sugar until light and creamy. Whisk in the egg. Mix the flour and the baking powder together and stir into the dough. Place the dough on a greased 24cm tart tin and flatten on the bottom and sides of the tin using your fingers (add a little bit of flour if the dough is too sticky to handle).

Mix the berries with some potato flour and spoon on to the pastry case.

Mix together the sour cream, egg, vanilla sugar and sugar and spoon the filling on top of the berries.

Bake in 180C oven for about 30 minutes or until the pastry has browned and the filling seems set.