June 02, 2010

Ichiban Boshi, Sydney CBD

I've been to Ichiban Boshi a few times now and as much as I love their noodles and know their
excellent value, I need to make sure I have enough time for the long queues. We had to wait one hour to get in on a Saturday evening, but it was worth it :) And you can always spend some time at the next door Kinokuniya bookstore!

Sweet Teas

Green tea cappuccino - Interesting and lovely with a little bit of brown sugar

Gyoza - I'm a big fan of gyoza and these were really quite nice!

Okonomiyaki - I love these Japanese pancakes, this one was definitely full of taste and very filling!

Tantanmen - Spicy ramen topped with minced pork, boiled egg and vegetables with additional sweet corn on top

Aburi chashu ramen - Ramen with roast pork