June 06, 2010

Food Photography Workshop and Lunch at Mumu Grill

I had the pleasure of joining a bunch of food bloggers and other food enthusiasts at Mumu Grill for a food photography workshop organised by Billy from A Table for Two. We were taught some tricks of the trade, like how to take better photos, how to edit them, and also a bit about how to promote your blog and your photos. All in all it was a very interesting and very enjoyable couple of hours and I felt like I learned heaps! Lunch was equally enjoyable as you could expect at Mumu...

House baked bread and dips

Chorizo braised in red ale with parmesan

Cherry tomato salad with buffalo mozzarella and fresh oregano

Chorizos, Jamon serrano and Catalan bread

The delicious olive selection

T-Bone Tagliatta

Game bird empanadas with Mumu BBQ Sauce

And personal favourite: The dessert selection... Brown sugar pavlova topped with fresh pineapple and passionfuit sauce, Gingerbread and mascarpone sandwich with rhubarb, Chocolate tart with ice cream and ... Pancetta infused ice cream?? Correct me if I understood wrong, but I think that's what was in the small bowl!


  1. Would you like to share some of the tricks of taking food photos? I think your photos have been delicious so far as well as the whole blog :)

  2. Beautiful photos, I like the look of that dessert platter. I wish I could have gone too!

  3. Hey maria! The food looks soo good and your photos look great.

    Damn!! if I had known most of you put your names down for saturdays workshop I would have put my name down for that day =(

  4. The food at Mumu Grill is fantastic, isn't it? Holding the course there is such a great idea. Your photos are lovely, too.

  5. Maria

    I woud love one day to be a part of such a workshop; plus the food you ate looks so good!

  6. Gosh would love to do a course like that, the photo's are great and what a yummy looking dessert plate.

  7. Great Photos Maria!! It was a great workshop and the food was equally as good. I was on the other end of the table and unfortunately didn't get to meet you :)

  8. i found out about billy's workshop far too late.
    your photographs are stunning!

  9. Mm everything looks so yummy! I love Chorizo! Which game bird did they used in the empanadas?


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